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Allan Dollison is a dedicated hard-working aggressive Attorney, honed by 2 decades of experience who will fight for your rights, when you are in trouble!



Allan Dollison has been practicing law for almost 20 years. He has had a wide breadth of career that includes approximately 6 ½ years as a Deputy District Attorney for Humboldt County. Allan took 14 cases to Jury Trial including Murder Cases, Robbery Cases, Rape Cases, Sexual Violent Predator cases, drug possession cases and Assault cases. That high level of experience and having stood in the shoes of the other side will make a valuable difference in how your case is handled. Allan was also a Contract Chief Public Defender for Amador County, where approximately 12 cases were taken to Jury trial. Those included Att. Murder, Car Theft, Domestic Violence, Insurance Fraud and Assault on a Correctional Officer. This exclusive experience in both of these positions have given Allan the knowledge, skill, training and abilities to handle your case. To learn more about Allan’s unique legal abilities, click here.