About Allan Dollison

Allan Dollison has been licensed to practice law for over 18 years in California, and is known for his abilities and work with large complex and difficult cases. Allan was born in Los Angeles, CA, and grew up in Orange County. He graduated from Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach, CA in 1984, and entered California State University, Fullerton.

In 1991, Allan earned his BA degree in Political Science, and was commissioned in the United States Army Reserve as a Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery. After graduation from College, he entered active duty for training in order to complete Field Artillery Officer’s Basic Course. This course was an academically demanding course and over ½ of Allan’s classmates were West Point Grads. They frequently asked Allan for help on complex Geometric gunnery principles, due to Allan’s obvious aptitude for quick learning.

Allan enrolled in a Juris Doctorate program at Western State University, College of Law in Fullerton, CA in 1992. While at Western State, he was the Editor-in-Chief of The Dictum, the university’s newspaper. While editing the Dictum, Allan proudly got the administration to overturn a controversial policy that mandated specified classwide average GPAs for particular classes, as Allan believed that performance and merit and not raw cold statistics should control grade evaluation and performance.

Allan graduated from Western State University in 1994, and successfully passed the rigorous California Bar Exam on his first attempt in February of 1995. The pass rate for that examination was only 39%. In 1995, Allan completed his 3rd year as a law clerk for Frank Barbaro, of the then prominent Santa Ana Personal Injury Law Firm: Horton, Barbaro & Reilly, and then headed out to have his own practice in 1996-1997. From 1997-1999, Allan worked as a Deputy Public Defender in Los Angeles, CA, and for a private defense firm in Woodland Hills, Manuel Miller & Associates. From 1999-2002, Allan served as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

His proudest achievements in that office were a receivership action against a Bank where the owners had been federally indicted for improper loans to themselves and business associates. Allan’s litigation helped preserve a $20 Million government retirement fund deposit. That litigation involved 2 hearings before the Commonwealth Supreme Court in a Month, as well as extensive litigation in the Superior Court. Allan also successfully defended a Civil Rights Action in Federal Court that defeated 2 out of 4 claims at trial, another claim was thrown out post-trial, and the ultimate judgment was ½ of what was offered to the Plaintiff, prior to Trial.

Allan desired to return back to the US in 2002, and was hired to run the Contract Public Defender Office in Amador County (Jackson), near Sacramento, CA.   Allan did 12 Jury trials in about a year and a half, including a rare felony Perjury case where the Defendant was found not guilty, and a battery case, where a father was acquitted of battering his daughter. The victim declined to testify, but the DA insisted that the case go to Trial. All during Allan’s legal adventures, he continued to work on his military career.

In 2000, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. He completed Infantry captains Career Course, in 2001. He completed the reserve version of Combined Arms Staff Services School (CAS3) in 2004, and then in 2005, he completed the Civil Affairs Qualification Course. Shortly after that Course, Allan was quickly mobilized and sent to Afghanistan, where he served in Helmand Province, Lashkar Gah, as a CAT-A Team Leader. He served on approximately 160 missions outside the wire. He earned the Combat Action Badge, when their convoy came under attack in 2005. In 2006, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the nation’s fourth highest award that is only won during Wartime service. In later years Allan was promoted to Major and then Lieutenant Colonel. He completed the Command and General Staff College and was board selected for both a Battalion Command as well as the prestigious Army War College, the latter is only rewarded to 7% of those who apply.

In 2006, he returned from his deployment in Afghanistan, and accepted a position as a Senior Deputy District Attorney with Humboldt County, CA. Allan completed 14 Jury trials before leaving the office in 2013. Allan has done over 35 jury trials throughout his career. His biggest accomplishment with the Humboldt County DA’s Office was the successful prosecution of Brian Cole Fiore for Murder and Attempted Murder. The case involved a Robbery at Gunpoint of 14 pounds of Marijuana, and later a high speed chase, where Fiore and his Co-Conspirator were shooting at Law Enforcement vehicles. Ultimately Fiore killed David Fields, and tried to kill himself. He survived a suicide attempt and a 175 foot plunging crash. He received 3 consecutive Life Terms and a sentence of 68 years and 8 Months. Trial lasted two months and involved 250+ exhibits and 34 witnesses’ testimony.

Allan also had 2 rare pleas of Guilty to Murder, one in the First Degree and one in the Second Degree in 2 separate cases. A plea to Murder is extremely rare, but Allan was successful in making that happen. Allan also tried a violent Home Invasion Robbery case, called People vs. Canfield, where a young Mother and her son were robbed inside their apartment, by an individual later found and determined to be connected to another Apartment in the building. Allan also successfully tried a Sexual Violent Predator case, wherein s. Franz Gonzales was determined to be a predator, despite the fact there was no evidence of him committing any sexual crime in over 19 years, and at trial was already 63 years old.

So when you decide to retain Allan L. Dollison, you get all of the experience, know-how, multitude of cases, knowledge and training that he has received in almost 20 years of his legal career. His practical experience and leadership skills honed by his nearly Quarter-Century military career makes him an aggressive and solid advocate for his client’s positions.